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The #1 Give & Earn platform supporting charities and rewarding you for donating.


Get rewarded and earn free $MRO tokens, vouchers, discount and many more offers.


Start investing from $5 a month or just support the cause of your choice using your favourite payment method.


Support the charities you care about and track how your investment is being used and help the people across the world.

You are part of the change

Experience the future of giving

Thanks to our unique platform, we make sure you are rewarded for giving to the right charities.

Verified charities

Every charity project is vetted are verified and we make sure funds are being used the right way.

Real time metrics

Follow in real-time your donations and track how your donations are being used.

Instant Setup

Simple & Effortless Process

5 minutes to set up your account and make an impact

Step 1

Create your account

Step 2

Select your membership

Step 3

Get rewarded

Step 4

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We reward each donation and other actions with cryptocurrency and exclusive offers.

So we built our own unique crypto token $MRO to reward our community.


$ 0
  • Access to Marketplace
  • User Account
  • Get Rewarded for Donating
  • Upgrade Anytime
  • Start for Free

Premium 🚀

$ 5
  • Earn $MRO Tokens monthly
  • Redeem $MRO Tokens to your crypto wallet
  • Access to Exclusive Offers
  • Support Charities Automatically
  • Access to Marketplace
  • Get Rewarded for Giving
  • Dedicated User Account
  • Receive Donation Reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate directly to causes?

Yes, you will be able to directly donate to causes you'd like to support and receive rewards for your donations.

How does the free account work and what is included?

You will be able to track your donations but you will not be able to claim any $MRO tokens or receive other rewards. Also you will not support causes every month.

Why do I need a paid membership to receive tokens ?

With a paid membership, you are donating monthly to charities, and rewarded for donating monthly. Network fees apply to receive cryptocurrencies.

How is my membership fee used ?

50% of your membership is given to charities partnering with Mereo. 15% is re-invested in our token and 35% is re-invested into the platform development.

Why subscribe to Premium ?

With Premium you will contribute actively to causes supported on Mereo and you receive the maximum rewards but also receive extra offers from our partners.

How do I know my money will be donated ?

Full reports of donations will be made public and you will be able to track in real-time funding and also how your contribution is being used.