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  • Support causes across the world and change the lives of the people who need it the most.

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What our members say about us

Laure N. Laure N.

Laure N.

Paris, FR

"I support causes close to my heart on Mereo, and it provides me comfort in knowing my funds are invested in the right causes"

Laure N.
Carrie R. Carrie R.

Carrie R.

New-York, US

"Joining the Mereo community has given me a sense of accomplishment. It's also nice to be rewarded for giving"

Carrie R.
Daniela S. Daniela S.

Daniela S.

Madrid, ES

"Mereo is like a Netflix for charities, except you get money back :)"

Daniela S.
Stéphane M. Stéphane M.

Stéphane M.

Lyon, FR

"Why not! Mereo is doing good things and I am happy to be part of it"

Stéphane M.
Raj Raj


Bangalore, IN

"I used to give occasionally to charities without knowing what would happen. Now I feel Mereo brings that transparency"

Michal C. Michal C.

Michal C.

Amsterdam, NL

"I earn free crypto every month and I receive amazing offers every week on Mereo. All of that by just by donating to charities, it just feels good!"

Michal C.